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I can not say enough about Julia and Jennifer. My custody case spanned 3 states and almost 2 years. They are a great team. The one thing I appreciated the most was that neither one of them EVER forgot there was a child involved and the child’s best interest was at the forefront. Julia is very knowledgeable in family law and was able to explain what was going on in words that I could understand. Jennifer was always there to update me or answer any questions. Julia also worked very well with the attorney’s I hired in the other 2 states. Both of the out of state attorney’s commented on her professionalism and competency. My case had a favorable outcome and I do not think that would have happened with another attorney. They both remained dedicated to my case through out the entire 2 years.

– AVVO Client

Hardworking. Dependable. Relentless. These are all words that come to mind when I think of Julia. She has always been honest and up front with me. She works long hours, stays late, and is only an email away. She’s there when you need her and she follows through. I’m so thankful I found her. She’s worked so hard for my family. She’s a lawyer you can trust when you’re in a crisis. I highly recommend her!

– Rachel

Attorneys get paid to navigate a client through the legal maze of a court case. Julia has not only done that for us during this most trying time of our lives, but she also cares about what happens to us and has been there to defend us relentlessly.
What she has done to guide and support us outside the courtroom has been as valuable as inside the courtroom.

Anyone needing a family lawyer should give Julia a call and see what it’s like to have an attorney that actually cares.

– Client

I had a very difficult case involving custody of my two minor children whom I didn’t have custody. It was a very arduous case that spanned over multiple weeks and involved over 15 witnesses who gave testimony. She was very thorough in her planning and performed excellent inside the courtroom which allowed me to gain custody.

– Client

Julia Kerestine has been an outstanding partner in the handling of a challenging issue. Julia provides truly valuable feedback in relation to the available options yet remains focused upon delivering the desired results. At the same time, Julia works extremely hard to be flexible with her schedule in the pursuit of meeting deadlines. In layman’s terms….Julia is smart, hard-working, and easy to work with…

– Kelly C.

“Julia helped me out so much. Any time I needed her she was there or on the phone. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!”

– Jane H

“Found her after firing the attorney I had who did nothing for me but take my money on a divorce case. She was very upfront and told me that it would be difficult to prove my case for spousal re-imbursement of my funds he had spent, but she worked tirelessly and was very patient with me. She was amazing and extremely knowledgeable during the mediation. I left with a lot more than I thought I would get. She was always quick to get back to me re phone calls or emails. I would definitely use her again!!”


Julia handled my divorce after a 30+ marriage. She was very responsive to my many phone calls and emails (I was probably a little too bothersome); she kept me apprised of what was going on with opposing counsel (or lack of opposing counsel’s work); she referred me to another attorney for another matter that came up during the divorce (he was very good too!). Even though the divorce took much longer than I ever dreamed it would, or should, I think Julia stayed on top of things and kept things going despite my now ex-husband changing divorce attorneys in the middle of it all, AND filed for individual bankruptcy. Thanks Julia!

– Mona

I simply can’t say enough good about Julia. When going through the most painful time of my life–a divorce from a marriage of 30 years–she was my light in the darkness–a friend and desperately needed legal advisor. Though she saw and understood my pain, she consistently kept me on track. Through the whole process, she helped me, advised me and diligently and persistently kept me protecting myself, which at times, without her, I was completely unable to do. She is loving, kind, persistent, gentle but firm, honest and truthful. I was in so much pain and grief that I’m sure I took up much more of her time than I should have, but she remained patient, knowledgeable and kept me on track with my eye focused on the truth, which I desperately needed. Because of her advice and diligent concern and care for me I am moving on to the happy and rewarding life I deserve. Like I said, I can’t say enough good about her…simply can’t. Without question, I will definitely keep her as my attorney for all my future legal needs!

– Jan

Recently I found myself in need of an attorney with expertise in the field of Family Law and selected Julia to represent me after speaking with several other attorneys.  I found her to be personable, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to my requests.  She was a true companion throughout the process.   She was compassionate to the issue at hand and had a persistent attitude toward completing a very complex situation.  I would highly recommend Julia to anyone in need of an attorney in the Family Law


Rodney D. Niemuth
Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer

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