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Julia Kerestine is a Denton collaborative law lawyer who handles difficult and complex family law conflicts through the use of alternative dispute resolution processes, including collaborative law.

Collaborative law is a self-selecting process for those who desire privacy in a confidential setting to resolve their own legal issues without court involvement. In collaborative law, you will work with your attorney, a team of experts and neutral parties to negotiate and resolve your personal and legal issues. The process can alleviate much of the stress that can negatively impact children of divorce and produce a more stable, restructured family.

Alternative Dispute Resolution for a Wide Range of Family Law Matters

Collaborative law can help address a wide range of family law matters, including:

For more information, see Denton County Collaborative Professionals and the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas websites.

Determining Child Support Using The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law allows divorcing parties to negotiate agreements for the fair and equitable amount of child support. In the collaborative law process, individuals have more flexibility to define their parenting relationships post-divorce and how each will support their children. In contrast, a court is bound by law to set dollar amounts of required child support based on state guidelines.

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