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Denton, Texas, divorce attorney Julia A. Kerestine of Kerestine Law represents clients in family legal disputes, providing solutions through litigation or through alternative dispute resolution. Attorney Kerestine has a wealth of legal experience developed while working for large law firms. Julia had conducted more than 1,500 civil law mediations before opening her own small law practice. The size of her firm enables her to provide individually tailored, custom solutions for her clients and enables her to guide them every step of the way throughout divorce proceedings.

Dedicated Representation in Divorce and All Related Matters

Attorney Julia Kerestine has over 35 years of legal experience with significant and broad-ranging trial and alternative dispute resolution experience. She draws from this experience to assist people seeking to divorce, protect and provide for their children or for all related family law issues, including:

Handling Complex Property Division Disputes

Property division and fair allocating of assets and debt will affect the financial standing of both parties. It is important to determine the nature and character of community assets and debt in order to devise solutions that address post-divorce concerns. Working with professionals to trace marital assets and to address all financial concerns can be critical to a fair and equitable division of property. From her Denton family law office, Julia works with certified divorce financial planners, forensic accountants, business evaluators, and other financial experts for the benefit of her clients.

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Personalized Service and Tailored Solutions

After working for a number of large law firms, Julia has developed a preference to providing more personalized service to her clients. She understands all sides of legal and emotional issues relating to family disputes. She understands that divorce is one of the hardest things an individual can go through. That is why she provides advisement and education concerning her clients’ rights and responsibilities, as well as common emotional challenges. She can determine whether alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law and mediation, may be a better choice than litigation.

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For compassionate, yet strong legal advocacy, contact a Denton divorce lawyer online or call 940-387-8719 to schedule an initial private consultation to discuss your specific situation. Julia is committed to providing honest answers on the tough issues you and your loved ones are facing. She will thoroughly explain your options under the law to help you make decisions that are in your best interest.