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Going through a divorce is never easy. When children are involved, an already emotional situation can be magnified. In addition to issues concerning custody and visitation, there may be questions regarding a fair amount of support that is needed to help raise a child. At Kerestine Law, Denton child support lawyer, Julia Kerestine, helps parents resolve this sometimes contentious issue.

Calculating Support Amounts

Generally, the amount of support a parent can expect to pay or receive is based on a straightforward calculation of child support guidelines with the income of both parents used as a primary factor. However, most cases are anything but straightforward and numerous other factors may need to be considered. With more than 35 years of experience, Texas family law lawyer Julia Kerestine understands how to tackle even the most complicated support situations.

Modification and Enforcement

If you have been accused of failing to provide required support payments or have not been receiving support payments, attorney Julia Kerestine can help with all enforcement issues. She can also handle post-divorce modifications of support orders when there has been a substantial change in your circumstances. In any case, Julia is committed to ensuring that your child receives the fair amount of financial support necessary following a divorce.

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