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Alimony, or spousal support, is typically a temporary award to one spouse who requires financial assistance following a divorce. It is most often seen in cases where a spouse may be unable to support himself or herself immediately following the end of a marriage for any number of reasons. Perhaps one spouse did not work during the marriage and may experience difficulty reentering the workforce. The most difficult aspect of spousal support cases is that there are no clear guidelines for determining the amount and duration of support payments.

At Kerestine Law, Denton alimony attorney Julia Kerestine helps individuals with this sometimes contentious issue. With more than three decades of legal experience, including more than 1,500 mediations, attorney Kerestine understands how to effectively negotiate and reach a solution that is fair to all parties involved.

Modification and Termination of Alimony

Spousal support is designed to be temporary. As part of a divorce settlement, a judge will help determine the amount of support and how long it is meant to last. It may be possible to seek a post-divorce modification of an alimony award when there has been a substantial change in one party’s circumstances, such as a loss of employment or a job promotion that results in a significant pay increase. Texas family law attorney Julia Kerestine can help people seek or stop an order for modification.

Because spousal support is temporary, it may also be possible to terminate an award of alimony. This typically happens when the spouse receiving support remarries or enters into a cohabitation relationship. Julia can help if you are seeking a termination or wish to challenge a termination order.

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